Achieve optimal crop yield and tree health with precision technology that reduces water use significantly.

Trusted by leading food brands

How it works

Creating customized zones

We utilize grower inputs, satellite imagery, and complementary data to divide your field into precise irrigation zones.

Retrofitting Verdi to your system

We install controllers that fit like Lego blocks on top of your existing farm equipment and integrate your third-party sensors.

Unlocking remote control

You can now control, monitor, and automate your assets remotely. You receive suggestions and alerts to optimize your plant health.

How Verdi saves you money and time

Water and Fertilizer Savings

Optimize water and fertilizer use with sub-block irrigation, irrigation automation, leak detection and soil moisture data.

Revenue Increase Per Acre

Improve quality and yield using sub-block irrigation for low and high vigor plants. Get more for your field.

Labor, Fuel and Electricity Savings

Control, monitor and automate pumps, sensors, injectors and valves of any brand on one platform. Save labor as you go.

Harvest Resource Savings

Grow uniform crops, allowing you to get your harvest in a single pass. Save labor and machine hours.

Crop Damage Prevention

Get alerts and have the tools in place to react timely to challenging weather conditions or irrigation system breaks.

Grant and Certification Revenue

Easily track and verify water usage with the built-in flow meter and generate reports for compliance and sustainability.


Farm management tools that your irrigators enjoy using

  • Use a simple map based view to keep track of assets, blocks and labor tasks across the ranch.
  • Within a block record phenology, crop data, soil type, irrigation, maintenance events, etc.
  • Create, share and receive feedback on all farm tasks.

Universal automation for your existing valves, injectors and pumps

Verdi's state-of-the-art modular controller retrofits in minutes to your existing equipment that you know and trust, bringing them online into the Verdi software platform.

  • Connects to most brands like Irritrol, Netafim, Toro, Nelson, etc.
  • Do less scouting with flow and pressure monitoring available at every valve.

Universal automation for your existing sensors

Bring your existing 3rd-party sensors that you know and trust online to the Verdi platform and connect them to text message alerts, automation and reporting.

  • Maintain healthy soil moisture range.
  • Trigger frost or heat protection.
  • Detect leaks or breaks that could cause crop damage.

Practical sub-block irrigation to eliminate variability

The first commercial variable rate system for irrigation and fertigation in fruits, nuts, and vegetables.

  • Customize water and fertilizer at the plant level.
  • Break up farm blocks into sub-blocks for precision management.
  • Improve yield and quality by eliminating crop variability.
  • Painless retrofit to existing infrastructure.

Intuitive yet powerful irrigation scheduling and automation

Bring your existing 3rd-party sensor online to the Verdi platform and connect it to alerts, automation and reporting.

Detailed irrigation verification and records

  • Connect a flow senor to audit your irrigation and understand how much water is actually making it to the field.
  • Monitor flow and pressure data 24/7 to ensure each irrigation executes as expected and be alerted of issues.
  • Generate detailed reports for sustainability certifications.

Made for farmers with farmers

We co-create our solutions with farmers and food brands, working closely to ensure our technology fulfills their needs and preferences. We constantly iterate to improve and elevate the product experience.

We would love to get to know you and your farm.

Let's Talk

Verdi is trusted and used in

Fresno, California

Napa, California

Okanagan, Canada

Vancouver Island, Canada

Lodi, California

Watsonville, California

Why growers love our technology

Quails' Gate is able to spend less time on irrigation while increasing our confidence that the vines are receiving the water they need. Verdi provides amazing on-field service.

Judy Wanbon
Vineyard Manager, Quails' Gate Winery

We were able to achieve uniform vigor and high quality throughout our premium Malbec vineyard block by reducing both under-irrigation and over-irrigation with Verdi’s precision variable rate irrigation platform. We are very excited about the potential for this technology.

Nelson Dutra
Vineyard Manager, Arterra Wines Canada

"We have been searching for technology to control and automate irrigation at the plant-level, and Verdi has developed the only commercially-available technology to do it."

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How do I control the system?

You can use our intuitive dashboard to plan tasks for your farming operation. The dashboard works on your internet browser, meaning you can use it on your phone in the field or on your computer at the office.

How many devices do I need?

Contact us and we will give you a free assessment based on your requirements and our satellite analytics.

How does installation work?

Our devices retrofit to your existing farm infrastructure (ex. drip systems) in less than 1 minute using standard connectors you are already used to.

Got a project in mind, or a question to ask? We're all ears.

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