Verdi Platform

Finally, a modern platform for farm automation with continuous updates and on-field support.
Our platform is built with farmers and leading agriculture universities.

We are pioneering the world’s first truly scalable platform for farm automation.

The Verdi platform combines software, firmware, artificial intelligence, and hardware to offer variable rate irrigation and fertigation, affordable irrigation automation, and more.

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Modern Farming Reimagined

No more handwritten notes, late night text messages to your irrigator, or trying to be in two places at once. We do the tedious and repetitive work so you and your team can focus on what you do best. Verdi is the solution - whether you grow 50 acres or 2,000 acres.

The Verdi Dashboard is available on all modern browsers

The Verdi Dashboard is built as a modern web application to help you manage your farm from anywhere.
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Variable Rate Irrigation & Fertigation

Deliver water and nutrients with sub-block precision

Valve, Pump & Injector Automation

Bring your assets online and setup intuitive automations

Flow & Pressure Verification

Have proof water turned on and spend less time scouting

Farm Labor Management

Intuitive agenda with worker feedback

Modular Integrations

Connect to most sensors, pumps or valves

NDVI Imagery

Daily imagery for decision making support

Analysis & Export

Generate reports and get summaries

Weather Station Data

Private stations on ranch or access to public weather network

3rd Party Soil Moisture Integrations

Connect most 3rd-party sensors


The farm is a harsh environment for technology. We get it. That is why we have spent years engineering and testing hardware that can survive a flooded valve box, a cold Canadian winter or a curious coyote.

In-field Hardware

Verdi Block Controller

For bringing existing valves, pumps, injectors and sensors online for automation and monitoring.

Bring Anything Online

Retrofit to existing field-level equipment like block valves, pumps, injectors and sensors.

100% Wireless

Don’t bury wires. Installation takes 1 minute. Reliable connectivity in dense vegetation and below grade.

Made for Scale

Easy management, automation, and maintenance for 1000s of devices in the field.

Built to Last

Suitable for submersion, continuous UV exposure, extreme temperatures.

Endless Applications

Controller for Irrigation Equipment
Transmitter for Most 3rd-Party Sensors
Automation at the Edge or in the Cloud
Heat and Frost Protection
Irrigation Leak Detection
Irrigation Verification / Reporting
In-field Hardware

Verdi Micro-Block Controller

For ultra-low power, high precision applications like variable rate and cheap sensor connectivity.


Built for row-level and plant-level control of water, fertilizer, and other inputs.


Modular retrofit to drip irrigation and overhead tubing in less than 1 minute.

Made for Scale

Easy management, automation, and maintenance for 1000s of devices in the field.

100% Wireless

Reliable wireless connectivity even in dense vegetation.

Endless Applications

Variable Rate Irrigation
Variable Rate Fertigation
Heat & Frost Protection
Differential Irrigation within a Crop Row
Sensor Connectivity
Research Studies

Important distinctions that separates us from others

At Verdi we pride ourselves on doing things differently
Proprietary fleet management software & intelligence
Modular retrofit to any equipment
Platform for the whole farm; not just irrigation
Industry credibility from small to industrial farms and leading research universities
Artificial intelligence research & development 
All technology developed hand-in-hand with farmers

Our solutions