We make modern automation tools for every farmer on the planet.

Together, we can empower farmers to build a more resilient future.

Our mission

Climate change is already here and agriculture is at ground zero. From extreme weather to drought, climate change is creating unprecedented challenges for the agriculture industry. That's why now, more than ever, it's crucial to develop solutions to help the multi-trillion dollar agriculture industry to transition to resilient farming.

Here at Verdi, we are building the technology and business platform to help the agriculture industry to not simply survive, but to thrive in the post-climate change world.

Our values

Customer Obsession

We co-create our solutions with farmers and food brands, working closely to ensure our technology fulfills their needs and preferences. We constantly iterate to improve and elevate the product experience.


We are convinced that strong relationships are the foundation of success. That is why we prioritize authenticity, accountability, and transparency in all our interactions. Our inclusive culture fosters a sense of belonging and we take pride in empowering our team, partners, and customers to achieve their goals.


We believe in collective intelligence to drive innovation. Our culture embraces curiosity, bold ideas, and different perspectives, encouraging us to question every assumption we have about a given problem. We test, learn, and iterate to develop disruptive technologies. We utilize systems thinking to ensure that our solutions integrate and scale seamlessly.


We care deeply about the livelihood of farmers and recognize their vital role in building a climate resilient food system. Our durable solutions promote plant health, protect soil integrity, conserve natural resources while creating the perfect environment for every crop. Verdi empowers farmers to thrive despite a changing climate.

Our team

Arthur Chen

CEO, Co-founder

Roman Kozak

CTO, Co-founder

Jacky Jiang

Principal Engineer

Andy Tewfik

director of software

Charles Ju

technical Programs Manager & Firmware Engineer

Nart Barileva

Director of Data and modeling

Brian Borges

Account Operations Manager

Gordon Jarvis

Embedded Hardware Lead

Bautista Abascal

Senior Product Designer

Simon Fu

Mechanical Engineer

Michael Kim Sing

Software Engineer

Michele Wallcraft


Tom Urban


Verdi is backed by

We partner with leading universities for agriculture research

Verdi tech is loved by customers & recognized internationally

We build technology loved by customers, easy to implement, and climate resilient. Innovation is at the core of our culture. Our technology have been recognized internationally.

  • Irrigation Show 2022 Pitch Competition Award
  • THRIVE 2022 Sustainability Award
  • THRIVE Global Impact Summit Soil and Biodiversity Award
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