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Verdi is building the world's first truly scalable platform for farm automation. We work with the world's largest food brands to grow better and more sustainable crops.

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Variable Rate

Customize water and fertilizer at the plant level

The first commercial variable rate system for irrigation and fertigation in fruits, nuts, and vegetables.  

Break up farm blocks into sub-blocks for precision management
Improve yield and quality by eliminating crop variability
Verify irrigations and track water use
Painless retrofit to existing infrastructure

The copilot for growers

Real-time automation for irrigation systems in the field, supported by long-term forecasts and recommendations.

Maintain optimal field conditions (ex. soil moisture) and react to changes in real-time
Plan sophisticated automation programs to mitigate heat and frost waves, manage salinity, maintain safe operating pressures, and more
Automate using common agriculture sensors
Combine with variable rate treatment and infrastructure control
Control & Monitoring

Bring farm assets online and manage them from anywhere

Verdi connects existing infrastructure such as valves, pumps, and injectors to a single user-friendly platform. We allow growers to easily control, automate, and monitor their assets from their personal devices.

Stay in full control from anywhere
React quickly to changing field and weather conditions
Verify pressure and flow at every asset
Built to last decades in the field

Connect, interpet, and report on farm data

We help you interpret and make your farm data actionable.

Cheap connectivity for common agriculture sensors
Track every farm action, starting with irrigation (coming soon)
Automatic reports for sustainability and compliance
Weekly satellite imagery analytics for monitoring crop health

Create, share and receive feedback on all farm tasks

Simple task management for farm workers and managers

Manage tens or hundreds of irrigators
Share upcoming and completed tasks with anyone via email or link
Generate reports of completed tasks
Simple user interface designed for non-tech-savvy people
Feature Coming Soon

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Liters of water saved
ACRES Under sustainable management
actions taken with our platform

From droughts to extreme weather, the climate crisis has posed unprecedented challenges for growers. Verdi works closely with farmers to design core technology that enables them to keep pace with climate change. We build innovative tools with farmers so their operations become climate resilient.

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